Web-based SSH client

What is this ?

It's a web-based SSH client, it allows you to connect to ssh-servers when the only thing you have is a browser that speaks Javascript.

Why ?

Sometimes you are on a system that's not yours in a network that's not yours (work, school, a library, ...) and you want to connect to your ssh-server at home.
If the system that you have to use doesn't have a sshclient and you can't use something like putty because there is a firewall then this is a good solution.

How can i use it ?

Just connect !
Or for added security use HTTPS.
(I don't want to pay for a SSL certificate so I created my own. Most browsers will not know this certificate so will give a warning that you can safely ignore)

How much do I have to pay to use it ?

Nothing, it's free. Maybe I will place ads later to pay for the bandwidth, but that's not necessary right now.

How does it work ?

A virtual terminal is created with JavaScript and PHP on my webserver that connects to one of my linuxsystems. You create a connection with this terminal by clicking on the link above.
When the terminal notices that your browser is connected it starts a script that asks you a username, a hostname (or ip) and a port (22 as default value).
When you entered those values it launces ssh -l USERNAME -p PORT HOSTNAME to connect to your server.

What about security ?

-The connection between the webserver and your server is ssh, so that's safe.
-The standard connection between your browser and the webserver is plain http which means that someone in your network could be logging the traffic. If you suspect this is the case, use the HTTPS connection.
-If you are using a system that's not yours then it's also possible that there is a keylogger is installed, if you suspect that's the case then type sensitive data like this: s e q a BACKSPACE BACKSPACE c r e z BACKSPACE t (when you want to type 'secret')

What about speed ?

I wouldn't call it fast, but it's workable.

When should i NOT use it ?

When you have another way to connect to your sshserver. When you use it too often you are just slowing down the connections of other users.

Anything else I should know ?

- There is no unicodesupport, so run "unset LANG" if "echo $LANG" shows you something like "en_US.UTF-8"
- On some browsers it might react strange to some keycombinations.
- If it doesn't react immediatly, just a wait a bit longer
- On some systems you first have to click in the terminal to be able to use it.

Are there other projects that you created (alone or with others)?

Yes, I would recommend:
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- Conky: System monitor
- Perfenc: Encryption program
- Randaudio: Generate random data with your soundcard

I have another question ...

... contact me at: webssh@c0nky.be (replace the '0' by a 'o')

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